Gosset Grande Reserve Brut Champagne

The Grande Reserve is a great non vintage champagne, made from the classic blend of Chardonnay (43%), Pinot Noir (42%) and Pinot Meunier (15%). This produces a wine that is bright and golden in colour. The attractive and expressive nose evokes flavours of ripe red blackcurrants, wheat, dried fruits and gingerbread. A promise-filled introduction of outstanding concentrated yet refreshing gourmet scents.The palate is dominated by refreshing mineral notes combined with a warm and consistent flavour echoing the wine’s richness and plumpness. From under a rich expression of ripe and dried fruit, a gentle persistent freshness comes through. A subtle and beautifully crafted framework which is the signature of Gosset champagnes.

Undoubtedly a wine for the table, a perfect match with sweet and subtly spiced dishes of cooked fruit, sweet and sour, tajines, etc. This Champagne is a dual personality that gladly complements elaborate dishes with simplicity as by nature it is both tender and tense and sophisticated and confident. 

Serve at around 8°C - 10°C 

Will keep for up to 4 years if stored correctly.

Grande Reserve is available in a range of sizes from Quarter Bottles to Jeroboam, prices above. Please call to check the availability of large format Champagnes. Check drop down menu for formats and prices.