English Whisky Shows its Style!

English Whisky Company Chapter 14The English Whisky Company at the St. Georges Distillery continues to show the quality of their product by being awarded medals yet again this year. The Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible have awarded the Chapter 14 the award of being the ‘European Whisky of the Year’

Managing Director of The English Whisky Company, Andrew Nelstrop says, “We are honoured to have received this accolade yet again. It is a true tribute to the team at St Georges Distillery”

Chapter 14 is a classic single malt whisky, aged in bourbon casks for a minimum of 5 years. English Whisky do not use colourings or chill filtering in their whisky. This is to enable maximum enjoyment of the whisky.

When enjoying the Chapter 14 you will find that on the nose it is of warm vanilla Danish pastry. Fruity with lychees and rum soaked raisins. Demerara sugar and mandarin oranges. On the palate it is very fruity, bananas and light fruits. Hints of crème brulee. Almost like a light brandy. Warm alcohols and a long dry finish. It is also very smooth and silky.

Warlingham Wines can provide the Chapter 14 in several formats. On  the web site we have the standard Chapter 14 70cl or the smaller Chapter 14 20cl

We can also obtain the cask strength version in a 70cl decanter as a special order at present so if you wish a bottle please e-mail me at john@warlinghamwines,com.

If you prefer something peaty then have a look at the Chapter 15, available in 70cl size or 20cl size or again cask strength as the Chapter 14.

The English Whisky Company are also making some changes to their range. The Chapter 6 and Chapter 11 are being phased out. The chapter 9 (Lightly Peated) is now going to be an annual bottling only and the Chapters 10 (Olorosso cask), 12 (Pedro Ximenez casks), 16 (Peated Sherry Cask) and 17 (Triple Distilled) are now considered as rare so it is expected that only one of these will be available at any one time.

Warlingham Wines will have a selection of these whisky’s available, obviously subject to availability. Please let me know if there is anything you would like but not listed, we do have access to the entire range of English Whisky products.

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